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Hi, everyone, and welcome to Du bist dran!
„Du bist dran!“ means „It’s your turn!“ in German. This is a German blog, but there are a small number of English texts available as well, in case you don’t want to study German before reading. Most of these articles deal with games from Latin America.

As of June 2018, the fine folks at Nicegamehub have agreed to translate my monthly overview articles.

Hilko’s Hoard

Some of the earlier articles I had translated myself and published on BGG news. You can find the links here:

Latin American New Game Round-up: Beautiful Gardens and Primary Colors – and Butter Lids (May 2018)
Latin American New Game Round-up: Tossing Dice, Seeds, and Hearts (November 2017)
Latin American New Game Round-up: Thirsty Mages, Bustling Beaches and Exploding Potatoes (August 2017, much overlap with the July 2017 mentioned above)
Latin American New Game Round-up: Chasing Nazis, Treasures, and Rabbits (April 2017)

Older articles that appeared on my blog itself: 

How to turn a country into a gaming nation (about a remarkable award in Argentina)
New Games from Latin America, July 2017 (an overview)

Lastly, I was interviewed on nicegamehub. If you want to know what drives me, check it out.